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Corporate And Equity Advisory

Deal Origination

Critical to our capabilities for the capital markets is Arka Projects’ ability to move quickly and decisively to analyze and assess potential strengths and opportunities offered by our clients for the capital markets as an investment proposition and to line up the appropriate distribution channels for the capital markets proposition. If during due diligence, we find that a client does not measure up for whatsoever reasons, we will discharge ourselves as financial advisors for the transaction. The mandate and our reasons for withdrawal will not be disclosed to third parties.

Arka Projects has developed unique capabilities for conducting due diligence, combining our strengths with an extremely cost effective legal and accounting support team offered by our partners in China and Singapore.

Our partners often provide pivotal assistance by lending their expertise and judgment in identifying and assessing opportunities. Together, these capabilities enable Arka Projects to analyze large, multi-faceted, multi-million dollar enterprises. Arka Projects' Bryan Koh has recentlyly played this role in a 2 month World Bank consulting job in 2004.

Structuring and Financing Transactions

Arka Projects' creativity in structuring transactions can unlock value and place the client at a competitive advantage when interest expense and transaction exploratory costs are prohibitive for clients seeking to access capital markets.

Arka Projects' transactional capabilities, regardless of prevailing market conditions or available financing sources, is reflected by the fact that Arka Projects is able to provide clients the most advantageous financing solutions. A case in point is Yong Seng Hua, a leading Singaporean formworks player. Arka Projects through innovative financial advisory work for the firm based on the firm’s business fundamentals has twice in the last 5 years pulled the client back from mortgage foreclosure on its factory. The owner and the firm’s 200 employees in Singapore are enjoying the fruits of a long anticipated economic turnaround in their industry after a prolonged slump of 8 years.

As financial advisor and intermediary, Arka Projects is the recipient of many financing ideas, both new and proven, from financing sources as a result of its business network / partnerships and advisory work in emerging markets.

Value Enhancement Of Client Companies

Over the years, Arka Projects' involvement is helping client companies enhance shareholder value. The advisory expertise Arka Projects brings to its portfolio companies includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Attracting Strong Management

In most situations, a strong operating management comes with the client company for value creation and is a principal reason for external investors’ interest in the investment. However, when elements of a competitive team are missing and it is necessary to supplement the management team, Arka Projects helps with advisory services in the search process.

Management and Employee Incentives

In addition to attracting talented executives, Arka Projects helps structure and design management incentives and compensation plans for clients to align the interests of management and shareholders.

Pursuing Acquisitions and Divestitures

Arka Projects' client companies have been opportunistic in both buying and selling businesses. Arka Projects has served as an important catalyst, offering an array of contacts to facilitate the client’s growth process. The acquisitions and dispositions of Arka Projects' client companies are targeted to enable these organizations to expand and solidify market positions, better focus their businesses, and increase their financial and operational flexibility.

Helping Client Companies Arrange Financings

Arka Projects seeks to help clients optimize the capital structure of each company to take advantage of growth opportunities, through taking advantage of opportunities in the capital markets to access crucial funding, obtain lower cost funds and added flexibility.

At the appropriate time, Arka Projects as pre-IPO consultant will advise client companies on pertinent issues of going public, and planning for the use of proceeds to de-leverage and reduce the inherent risk for the owners and its investors.

Our consulting approach is through proactively analyzing plans and results, assist in the formulation of a strategic business plan, evaluating management and the firm’s core competencies. Such efforts tend to translate into superior results, with many of Arka Projects' client companies posting a 20% increase in revenues or a 20% decrease in operating expenses after the consulting assignment.

Our clients have used strategic business plans prepared by us to access bank financing and for entry into new markets e.g. the owner of SMART Car Rental in Singapore entering a related market through SMART Taxis. We strengthen the business acumen, foresight and focus of business owners through independent research and analysis for recommendations to improve client business viability and competitiveness.

Providing Effective Financial Oversight

An important focus for Arka Projects' assignments is working capital management. Arka Projects often plays a central role in helping client companies determine how they can operate most efficiently and best find and channel resources to serve specific strategic objectives.

Over the course of an assignment, difficult situations may arise. Arka Projects’ willingness to face such situations head-on and play an active role in their resolution often preserves shareholder value and the long-term positioning of the company.

Advisory Work On Maximizing Shareholder Value When Exiting Investments

Arka Projects seeks to maximize the shareholder value it can obtain for clients through an exit strategy by carefully selecting the timing, method and venue of sale. Capitalizing on our experience, Arka Projects seeks to maximize shareholder value for clients of this value through secondary offerings of stock in strong equity markets, given valuation differences in different stock markets and equity market cycles, appetite for an investment thesis, a particular industry, prevailing sentiment etc.