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Our Value Add For IPO Process

* Please Note: Arka Projects Does Not Possess CMS Corporate Finance Licence To Lead Manage IPOs. As IPO Consultants / Transaction Treasury Manager, Arka Projects Will Value Add In The Pre-IPO Process And Help Clients Source For IPO Lead Management Houses.

At Arka Projects, we use the expertise we developed from our experience as employees involved in drafting sessions for IPO clients. We understand the important elements of clearing hurdles with the relevant authorities in the IPO process. Our approach to the consulting assignment output would be through:

Assessing Clientís Management During Due Diligence

One of the most critical steps in our assessment process is to visit a client, meeting the clientís management at their operations site. We ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to the answers.

We examine the track records of key executives and determine whether they are what we expected from reading the company's annual report and other literature. And we see first-hand if they are confident, if they have a vision. The importance of on-site investigation is crucial to our decisions.

Company Analysis

Through our internal resources at Arka Projects, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the company. We look at its profitability and evaluate its assets. We focus on driving forces behind trends in sales, operating expenses, liquidity, working capital management, gearing, profitability and client Companyís existing markets and targeted new markets.

Industry Analysis

We conduct a SWOT analysis of the industry as no company operates in a vacuum. No matter how solid the management and balance sheet of a company are, its profitability will be affected by the strength of its rivals. We have the requisite expertise through the preparation of numerous strategic business plans for clients in diverse industries from oil palm plantations to biotechnology to service providers in diverse trades.

Relative Value

The last step is to determine the relative value of the un-listed client firm, to comparable listed peers-compare the financial performance of the company to those of its peers to get a true sense of the relative value.

Our consulting assignment output from the above steps is our tool for acting as a one-stop treasury transaction manager on behalf of the client to locate the IPO lead manager, the underwriter, the professional parties involved in the IPO process and even locating the end exchange which offers a premium for the listing applicant.

After the initial work is done for the above, our value add will result in:

Lower exploratory costs and lower agency costs

As a value-add consultant for our clients, our value-add expertise, insights and business network cannot be duplicated as each investment thesis has its own different investment merits/ demerits, requiring unique solutions as opposed to standard processes and procedures. However as a business, it is prudent to disclose our unique, proprietary advisory approach only to bona fide clients.

We have developed unique, proprietary advisory approaches for cost effective access to the equity and debt capital markets. As we have competition seeking to access and emulate our proprietary approaches, the information will be disclosed to bona fide clients we will contact upon registration of their contact details on-line.